Rates & Insurance

My fee for an initial appointment is $200. Therapy appointment fees are based on the amount of time scheduled: 30 minutes = $90; 45 minutes = $140; 60 minutes = $180.
I accept a limited number of clients on a need-based sliding fee.


Some portion of your mental health treatment is likely covered by your health insurance policy. Please contact your health insurance provider prior to our first appointment to understand your policy. Policies and coverage vary greatly by company and by employer. The following is a list of helpful questions to ask your insurance provider:
  1.  Do I need a referral or pre-approval for mental health treatment?
  2.  Are there visit limits, dollar limits or any other type of limits on my mental health coverage?
  3.  Is there an annual deductible I must pay before the plan pays? How much will I pay for services after that? What type of services are covered e.g. outpatient, inpatient, day hospital, dietician?
  4.  Is there a "preferred list of providers" or "network" of providers I must see?
  5.  How do my benefits differ if I choose to see someone outside the network?
  6.  Are there any exclusions for certain diagnoses or preexisting conditions?
  7.  What is the effective date of the plan?
I am an "in-network" provider for the following insurance plans:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Medical Assistance


Co-Pays are payable either at the time of the appointment or upon receipt of a monthly invoice. Method of payment: Cash, check or credit card

Cancellation Policy

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail an appointment or cancel late (<24 hrs), you will be charged $50. It is important to know that insurance companies do not reimburse for cancelled sessions.

Phone: 763.595.7294 | 5101 Olson Memorial Highway, Ste. 4004, Golden Valley, MN 55422